Offering messager by Rev SJ Montja, Minister of Mamelodi Congregation

Scripture reading: Malachi 3:6-10

I greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ. I welcome you all. Brothers and sisters, we are facing financial difficulties in our church, National church.

The only solution will come from you MRCC congregations and nowhere else.


  • We have 10 circuits

  • We have 74 congregations

  • We have 10 Mission fields

  • Circuits owe R 52000.00 to the Head Office

Problem (Contributions and Responsibilities)

  • Israel sinned against God in many ways and many times, every time when they have sinned their relationship with God was at stake.

  • But God remain the same>God of the Covenant.

  • He chosen the nation of Israel, adopted them as his own children and promise them love and prosperity throughout.

  • They became unfaithful by worshipping other gods and not giving their tithes to the Lord.

Today's problem

  • We need to be aware that something is wrong with the Christians today, like the Israelites they make this introspection to review their contract with God.
  • The main problem with us is robbing God.

  • The question will be how? How can we rob God?

  • Let’s look way back how did the Israelites rob God?

  • They have robbed God by sacrificing the lame and the sick animals.

  • They kept the best for them; they did this as a norm not from their heart.

  • God want us to bring tithes and offering in the Church.

  • Tithes>bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house.

  • Then I will open the windows of heaven and flood with blessing after blessing.

  • Nations will call you blessed.

  • I believe that our church needs us Mamelodi to give ten percent and other congregations of MRCC will call us a blessing.


  • I grew up in Zebediela, we grew up with oranges.

  • If you have reaped only ten (10) bags of oranges.

  • God wants only one bag of oranges from you.

  • If you reap only ten (10) bags of mealies, God need only one (1) bag of mealies.

  • In Mamelodi you don’t plough oranges and mealies

  • But you earn salaries, commission and grants

  • I will start with our grandmothers and grandfathers (Senior Citizens)

  • If you receive R1000 as a grant from Sassa, the only amount required by the Bible is only hundred rand (R 100.00)

  • If in our church we have only ten ( 10) people receiving grants of R1000.00 each it means the church council will receive R 1000.00 monthly as the tithe of those people

  • If we have 10 people earning R2000.00 The ten percent is R200 for each person, simply means 10 people will give total of equal to R2000.00 monthly contributions

  • R3000>R300, 10 people equal to R3000.00

  • R5000>R500, 10 people equal to R5000.00

  • Total 40 people, Total R10970.00

In the New Testament

  • We learn about offering: 1 Cor 16 verse 2 that is each Sunday each of you must put aside part of what you have earned.
  • How many of you are tired of poverty today?

  • Rise up your hands please.

  • How many of you want to see our church live the new life of prosperity?

  • There is a solution, there is an answer.

  • You are the solution and the answer to our problem.

  • The Bible, the Word of God is the answer, but only if we implement it.

  • This chapter make sense since God says test me, try me and see what is going to happen.

  • Luke 6 38b “Give and it will be given to you, for with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”.

  • In the Old Testament book of Proverbs 3, 9-10 “Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruit of all your crops, then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine”.

  • Before I speak of my concerns I just want to highlight to you that not every intervention will solve our problem.

Problems that we are facing now:

  • Example is tent making ministry, it is a monster that does not help the church at all
  • We were told that we are a smallest church among mainline churches but we are the biggest supplier of Chaplains to the defence force.
  • The other problem today is pledging against tithing
  • Pledging is a promise to give support.
  • Individual pledging against the congregations and circuits pledging.
  • Look at the latest circular from the Administrator Rev Motloba
  • This pledging has been preached for a year now
  • According to my observations is not working and it will not save the church.
  • There are reasons why people are not buying it
  • One reason I have learnt it is preached on wrong reasons,
  • Reasons like Ministers who are working outside the church should pledge because they got those jobs because of the church degrees.
  • Parents who are successful they don’t remind their children that they have raised them, but children themselves thank them for the good job done.
  • People cannot give money by feeling guilty;   this is how the message is communicated now.
  • Don’t make successful people victim and believe that they will pay for unsuccessful people.

The reality

  • We have 74 congregations, only 11 people are pledging at the moment.
  • It is not even the representative of our congregations.
  • If 74 people were pledging then I will say at least every congregation is represented. 
  • Tithing unlike pledging, gives a certain number or it specify the amount, e.g. 10% 
  • While pledging is any amount that a person can contribute. 
  • If these people are giving R 100.00, the total contribution is R1100.00 per month, R13200.00 p.a.

Let’s look at the congregation picture 

  • If congregations can pledge with R1000.00 a month 
  • Out of 74 congregations let’s take only half 37 congregations 
  • The church office will have R 37000.00 monthly income and R 444000.00 p.a. 
  • Individual pledging is very far from elevating our poverty. 
  • My other concern is that individual pledging may cause two centers of power. 
  • People who will not contribute here in their congregations, but pledge at the National office, it may cause controversy and destroy the hierarchy.


  • Let members of this church, MRCC Mamelodi contribute 10% to the local congregation
  • Let the congregation contribute 10% to the circuit/church Office.
  • In mean time, I request that this congregation, MRCC Mamelodi should contribute R1000.00 as a pledge to the church office. 
  • Do we agree to that, congregation?

Congregation accepted and agreed that MRCC Mamelodi will pledge R1000.00 per month to the National church

May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly, you have tried him this morning as He has requested, be prepared the gates and windows of heaven are opening right now. Receive your blessings, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen