Easter Message from the Office of the Scribe

Dear beloved MRCC Members

Various churches may be observing Easter in a variety of ways, but agree that celebrating its central message — the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — has historically drawn in more people to their churches than on any other Sunday of the year. Some church leaders in the communities say they are adding extra services in preparation for the influx of attendees on Easter, while others are planning services to help their members better connect with its significance.

While people may celebrate Easter in a variety of ways, the main aim is to draw congregants back to the central focus on the resurrection. With some of the difficulties people face in life, they may feel like they are experiencing some of the same feelings Jesus felt on his journey to the cross.

Learning about Jesus’ resurrection can bring hope to people. Nowadays when a lot of people feel like they are going through their passion, it’s always good to be reminded that there is always the resurrection. Jesus’ death and resurrection give His believers hope that we too will be resurrected after death. Christians should maintain what the world so often lacks – hope and faith in the face of adversity – by holding onto the unlimited love of the risen Lord.

In the midst of so many atrocities blatantly committed by the powers of sin and death, we praise God because our Lord’s passion and resurrection allow God to enter forcefully everywhere there is human pain and transform it into a source of hope and life. We praise God because in Christ’s resurrection darkness is reversed by light, death by life, hatred by reconciliation, sin by forgiveness, the reign of the evil by the reign of Christ.

If people looked more closely, they could find a world of goodness, generosity and grace, as delivered by the cross and resurrection of Christ. You see all those things when you look at the cross of Jesus Christ, and what it says to us is that though it looks like it's weaker and it looks like it loses out to violence, that undercurrent of goodness and gentleness and love and generosity is actually in the end stronger and wins.

The love of God that we experience in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the most powerful thing in the entire world. It is this reality that gives us the strength to overcome the evil and travail of the world and to live as people of faith, hope, and love. We celebrate in the resurrection the triumph of suffering love for the redemption of the world. Evil and violence do not have the last say. The final and decisive word is the love of God, which is the ultimate power in the universe.

Certainly, we should work in every possible physical way to bring peace, healing and sustenance to all people. Our calling requires it as Christians. We have a faith and the fruit of his resurrection to share with others.

On behalf of the church leadership and entire membership, I would like to thank everyone, particularly our committed and dedicated ministers who positively contribute towards the growth of our church. Continue to provide that quality service to the Lord. The church really cares about you.

Also, circuit commissions and congregations are reminded that one of the church objectives is to “maximize fundraising efforts”. Easter pilgrimage has been targeted as the event to raise funds for our church. Please let us continue to do the good work for our church.

May the resurrection of Christ bring a special joy to your life this Easter, and may it renew our church, Maranatha Reformed Church Of Christ.