The 12th General Church Assembly (GCA) was held on the 1 – 4 October 2012 at Port Shepstone in KZN. The new leadership is as follows:

  • Moderator: Rev Prof MJ Manala (Mamelodi East);
  • Scribe: Elder MJ Masenya (Jouberton);
  • Deputy Moderator: Rev ZO Madlala (Kangella);
  • Deputy Scribe: Rev MA Mothopeng (Saulsville);
  • Additional: Rev OA Kgabele (Dube).

Together with the Administrator, Rev Modisaotsile Motloba, who comes in as an ex-officio member, they form the Moderature of the MRCC.


Front (left to right): Rev Mothopeng, Rev Madlala & Prof Manala.
Back (left to right): Rev Kgabele & Mr. Masenya


The Administrator of the MRCC, Rev Modisaotsile Motloba (left), with the current Moderator, Prof. Dr. Matsobane J. Manala (right)

The executive authority of the Church vests in the General Church Assembly at synodal level, Circuit Assembly, at circuit level and the Church Council at congregational level.


The General Church Assembly is the highest policy making organ of the Church vested with ultimate authority and the supreme governing body. The Commission of the General Church Assembly (CGCA) is made up of the members of the Moderature, two high profile representatives from each circuit, two representatives from each organ of support and governance at synodal level and two representatives of each synodal committee. The Commission of the General Church Assembly holds at least two meetings during recess and one of those meetings must be held six months before the General Church Assembly. The members of the Commission of the General Church Assembly serve for a period of three years which coincide with the session of the General Church Assembly.


Every circuit comes together annually in an assembly. The executive authority of the circuit assembly vests in the commission. All circuit assemblies coming immediately after the GCA are elective; hence a new leadership is elected after every three years. The Circuit Commission consists of the following members: The Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, the Scribe, the Deputy Scribe, the Treasurer, the Public Relations Officer and the Training and Development Coordinator. Members of the Circuit Commission are elected at a full session of the Circuit Assembly by secret ballot and the tenure of office of the members of the Circuit Commission is three years.


The church council is the executive authority of a congregation. It composes of the Ministers of religion in the congregation, Scribe, registrar, treasurer; two representatives from each organ of support, two representatives each from Boards of Presbytery and Deaconate and co-opted experts. The tenure of office of the members of the church council is three years.